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FIFA 18: A guide to learning how to defend

27 de Outubro de 2017, 10:44 , por Fifa Coins - | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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To the games of FIFA you can take any game because it is easy to learn the basic movements, but it is not easy to master it completely. And much less from the defensive point of view. The new delivery has improved it, but at the same time it has made it more complex. We want you to continue progressing in your games, so if you did not have enough with our video tutorial on how to better defend in FIFA 18, here is this guide with tips and tricks to learn a few techniques and concepts.


Controls : 
Tactical defense or classic defense . In this installment there are two types, as is usual in the series. If you do not touch anything you will be using the tactic because it is the default one, but in the controls configuration menu you can change to the classic one. There are people who think it is easier to manage because it requires less precision in timing, but do not FIFA 17 Cheats get too used to it because it can only be used offline.

Aspas / A: The player automatically runs towards the opponent who carries the ball. It is a good option to place your defense, but when you are close release it to return to be you who controls it.

Circle / B: Depending on the direction of the player with the ball, yours will try to remove it by inserting the leg or body.

Square / X: The usual mowing. It serves to cut passes and shots or to try to take the ball from an opponent when it is in front, but it is a risky move because if it is not very clean, they will miss you and, probably, a card.

Triangle / Y: Makes it the goalkeeper who goes straight for the ball , and no matter the positions of either one or the other, you can cross the entire field if necessary. Use it only if a rival runs towards the goal without defense to close angle of shot.

L2 / LT: The player makes a move to take the position and cut a ball. It is excellent to surround the rival without giving up cutting the pass line.

R2 / RB: Causes a second player to join the pressure against whoever carries the ball. You can manage to recover it, but you will also leave a very large gap if you leave.

Tactics and training 
To defend properly you have to take into account the type of tactics that apply to the entire team . If from the beginning you have orders to fold back and wait, do not try to press only with the player you control because the rest will not follow you and will not be worth anything. On the other hand, you also have to know the qualities of your players, because if they have low values it is likely that they do not shoot well out of play or know how to anticipate. As we always say, invest the necessary time in knowing your options and in deciding which FIFA 18 Hack one you feel most comfortable with. And do not try to apply a style for which your template is not ready.

Training also has a lot to say in your lock. If you are having problems to contain the rivals, try to place two defensive midfielders, preferably strong and tall. It is almost guaranteed that a double pivot will be effective, although it will cost you more to attack.

Wait and press

There are people who make mistakes when hurriedly hurling themselves at the attacker who carries the ball, because he is leaving an open space for him to occupy it and makes being hagged more affordable. The priority must be to contain the progression of whoever gets the ball and get in his way with the automatic movement we have seen before. However, you should only do this to get close, and when you are near, change to L2 / LT. This button allows you to take the mark, but at the same time lets you handle the player. And when you're close enough, try to look for the moment to make the entry while you're blocking your pass FIFA 18 Coins Cheat options. But without rushing or you can bargain.

If you can stop that player's progress, two priority options appear: avoid danger with your shots and your passes. Sometimes you have to sacrifice your placement, but it is always better that you go outside to enter inside. On the other hand, it is always better that the ends are returned to one that is further back than they can center the area or even penetrate with a diagonal to the goal. You will not be able to do everything, so prioritize thinking also who you have in front of you.

A good pressure on the one who carries it and getting cut the pass lines should be enough. The AI will try to make more risky passes because you have reduced your options, and therefore it is more likely to fail and recover possession. But be careful because Free Dragon Mania Legends Gems FIFA 18 includes an improved dribbling system that also differentiates the good from the vulgar. As it has a good evaluation of dribbling and acceleration, it is more difficult to predict its movements than in previous years. Count on it or you'll leave pretty.


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