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5 Easy Tips to Brighten Up Your Home

17 de Maio de 2015, 0:00 , por Christa Jocelyn - 0sem comentários ainda | Ninguém está seguindo este artigo ainda.
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There are times when we all feel that things need to move around a little. After all it’s always fun to experiment with interior design. In this article I hope to outline some quick and easy tips
(for the inside and outside) that’ll hopefully help you change the look and feel of your house by a little at the very least. The advice in this article take as little time as it takes to brew a
fresh cup of good coffee, even the busiest of you will be able to fit time for these redecorations into your tight schedules.

And without any further ado:

1. Play Around with the Plates

Consider changing up your drab, plastic switch plates with something a little more colorful and eye-catching. However, you should be careful to match your new switch plates with the décor of the
room. I’ve always found this a great piece of advice as it’s really easy on the pockets (even the most expensive brass switch plates don’t usually cost more than $20), and can yet drastically
affect the décor of the room.

You don’t have to buy read made plates, if you have the time, you could buy a simple plastic plate and decorate it yourself. You could use craft paint or decorative paper. You could also try
changing your switch outlet covers, and of course the covers should blend with the wall.

2. Touch-up those small flaws

Nothing changes the look of room like new paint. A little bit of new paint can truly be a blessing, it gives the room a fresh new face, which is why I tend to keep extra color-matched paint after
remodeling. Fix up the chipped edges of your furniture and doors, personal experience tells me you can’t do this enough times. There’s always a banged up baseboard or door, and don’t even get me
started on those damned wall marks that just won’t wash off.

3. Change out drawer and door hardware

You’ll be surprised how great a difference can be made by just changing the knobs of your doors and drawers. However I know many people who’ve underestimated the task and measured their drawer
pulls wrong, and had to drill new holes for them.

You can find great collections of 3d Wall panels and tile mosaic sheet, tiles from home improvement centers that are both inexpensive and distinguished.

4. Update Your Mailbox

Freshen up that curb appeal! You could change your mailbox with something a little more interesting or you could just repaint your old mailbox. Maybe repaint the same color or go with something a
little wilder and brighter. And of course be sure to clean off dirt and rust before you start painting.

This time around you could use rust proof paint, a good choice as its reasonably inexpensive ($6-$12 for a 10-oz can) and quite efficient.

5. Play the Numbers Game

I’ve always found decorative house numbers so endearing, it’s a great way of making your house stand out, as it gives it a custom and classy look. Not to mention that it’s an interesting way of welcoming guests.

If you’re not comfortable getting a new plate made, then you could use one of those easy peel and stick numbers rather or get ones that can be screwed into place. Reasonably cheap and can be made from anything between wood to steel. Those are some of the easiest things that I know you can do to change up how your house feels, and I hope you found this article helpful!

 Have fun re-decorating!

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