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Which are the various Types of Furnace Filter?

June 6, 2015 0:00 , by Kaleigh Keley - 0no comments yet | No one following this article yet.
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Furnace Filters


Furnace filters is used to protect the furnace. They also contribute air circulation through the house. Furnace filter is also known as HVAC (heating, ventilation and air condition). It is the type of machine which often taken for granted. Furnace filter quickly heat or cool your house, business and other areas while safely being out of the sight. Furnace filters not only save your money, but also improves the quality of the air, originally filters were designed to protect the furnace of the filters but thanks to technology  furnace filters are now being used to prevent harmful particles such as dust pores, lint, bacteria etc.

Filters used in furnace filters are disposable, reusable and refillable as they are made up of materials like fiberglass, manmade or natural fibers.  Factors that affects the efficiency of the furnace filters includes it fiber size, particle diameter, fiber density and airflow rate. Manufacturers label a furnace filter by rating them before to guide the consumer that is more effective in removing the particles called minimum efficiency rating value (MERV); higher numbers reflect greater efficiency of the filter.

Some filters are capable of removing heavy and larger particles and small particles flow through. The MERV scale goes from 1-16. Most of the furnace filters which are placed at homes are rated between the scales 4-12. Furnace efficiency is one thing, but in case you are a cleanliness freak or your family are more prone to allergies or have low immunity issues then you should spend more on high efficiency furnace filters.

High-efficiency filters capture 99 percent of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns, but you will have to run your furnace fan full time in order to get the maximum time benefit of high efficiency filters.

Types of Furnace Filter

Panel Filters:

Also known as fiber glass filters. Panel filters are most common filters that are installed in duct work of most heating or cooling systems. These filters do little to remove bacteria and other contaminations from the air because the primary function of this filter is to protect the fan and minimize the dust amount, also the remove the large contaminated particles and work efficiently when combined with high efficiency filters.


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Washable/ reusable filters:

These are designed to be washed and reused. They can provide you with restricted air flow because they never get completely cleaned. These filters are also ineffective to remove small particles. They uses metal foil pads and can be washed and also be reinstalled.


Pleated filters:

They have pleated and folded surface. These filters are more efficient than the panel filters due to its increased surface area which can remove a number of particles. These filters are made up of electro statically charged particles that attracts small particles and lasts upto three months.


Deep pleated or high efficiency

They are about the same size of the normal ordinary filter but around 6 inches thick. They require a standard holder to fix them in as they cannot be fixed in the normal holders in the duct area. Electro statically charged particles are used in these filters as well to remove small particles.


Electronic filter:

These filters require electricity to operate. Air is directed through high voltage grid which applies positive charge on the particles present in the air. Therefore it attracts negative particles (small particles) and cleans up the air. The maintenance charges and also the charges of installation are quite high which can be counted in the disadvantages of electronic filters.


Maintenance of furnace filters:

As we all know that the efficiency of the filters changes with time. The filters get loaded with the particles and blocks the path of air therefore it is recommended to change the disposable filters by the regular intervals of time or by cleaning the reusable filters (reusable filters can be cleaned by washing).


Tips for using Furnace Filters:


  • Identify from the instructions the type of filter appropriate for the furnace you have.




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